About Me

Bard, Dreamer & Nerd

My Full name is Trentin C Bergeron. The C is for Christopher. My username all over the InterTubes comes from an amalgam of my name. The first three letters of my first name (Tre), the first four letters of my middle name (Chri) and last three letters of my last name (ron). Tre-Chri-ron. I like to pronounce it try-KEER-on but some have coined "Trech-er-on" (like treachery...).

I'm a serial spiritualist currently practicing my liberal ideal of Christianity. I've studied traditional British Witchcraft, Wicca, new age Paganism, been a Mormon, and started my spiritual journey as a Pentecostal. I respect all faiths, believe freedom of religion is important but also see the wisdom in the separation of church and state.

I lean left of center in politics but frankly no longer consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. I find all the polarization, fighting and reality-TV show style leadership to be disappointing. I'm a patriot and I love the US. I also love your country too. :-) I'm a fan of Freedom, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. I support free speech and all the conversations that inspires. I'm opposed to censorship, fascism of any flavor or inequality.

I believe Christ asked us to love all people regardless of their gender, sexuality, creed, color or outlook. I love everyone. I don't support hatred, oppression or bigotry from anyone to anyone.

The Bard in me likes to tell tales. I use GMing tabletop games to express this most. The Dreamer in me sees a better world where everyone is free, healthy, happy and participating. The Nerd in me loves to figure out how things work. I love computers. Building computers, testing software, making software, teaching technology.

The Three Trentins


RPG Settings & Supplements

Tabletop Gaming Nerd

Game Master of 37+ years.

Computer Nerd

18+ years as Software Tester, SysAdmin & Developer.

Avid Tabletop Roleplaying Gamer

The 1st Orcacon!

Cuddling my ocean friends and repping Dragonflight

Munchkin & Me at GTS

2009 GAMA trade show in Las Vegas!

The 1st Emerald City Gamefest!

Running a True20 game...

Munchkin at VGD!

Vegas Game Day above the now closed Beat Coffeehouse...

Call of Cthulu!

Hanging with Chris Helton, Caroline Pierce and two others whose names have slipped my mind.

We were in Vegas at the time.

Playing with a Legend

Playing some old school D&D with my friend Chris Ewick who passed away of cancer in 2019.

Godspeed my friend. I know Jesus is getting the best GM he's ever played with!